Services We Provide


Our cleaning system is perfect for restoring delicate structures, historical assets, statues, antiques and furniture. We are able to remove lime scale from foundations, graffiti from buildings, dirt and grime and works exceptionally well on brick, stone, marble, concrete and even fragile surfaces such as travertine.



About Us


Our practice is to do it right the first time…Natural stone and concrete pavers need to be cleaned, sealed and maintained properly to help minimize erosion, staining and exposure from man made chemicals and mother nature.  DFW Stone Sealers specializes in cleaning, sealing and maintenance of these surfaces.  A few of our most requested services are sealing and enhancing salt water and chlorine pool stone, spa stone, flagstone and travertine decks, expansion joint restoration, calcium removal, and concrete paver sealing. We are a family owned and operated local company that uses the best trained employees and the right products.